Jatak - doors and windows

Windows are the way to our everyday life that we hardly notice. We look through them on the road to our farm.  We stand and watch people as they come and go.  We see nature and its beauty, we see colors.... sometimes even silence. We so often look through the window but never at them and do not realize that our view to the outside world is bordered by this window. Maybe we do notice on a cold winters day when it's snowing outside, that we sit in the comfortable warmth of our homes and understand the value the window brings to us. 

PVC windows or aluminum meet the high demands needed for the windows of today. The materials needed for installation are not treated meaning regular painting of the wooden frame is not needed. The materials are characterized by the particularly smooth surface and are very easy to clean and maintain.

And so we come full circle - you can sit back, through all seasons, and enjoy the view brought to you from your window.

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